Saturday, November 12, 2011


Salam. Everyone deserves to be happy. It's in our mind. If we choose to be happy, then the happiness is yours. But if you choose to be grumpy then, no one will be able to help you.

I know of someone who has a dream job, a dream husband, a dream child, supportive well-to-do family but as usual there is a wee bit of imperfection in her life. Out of frustration, she sometimes refuses to go to work. There was tension in the family and everybody was worried. She pulled herself together after an outsider pointed out, how lucky she was.

There are practically solutions to every problems that we faced. We have our parents, brothers, sisters and eventually we have Allah the almighty to help us.

The basic foundation of my happiness is the trust that my husband gives me. Then there are my children. Cik tutor calls almost everyday. I don't mind the sobs and the tears because that's the time she opens up to me. She might look strong to her friends but actually she is lonely in Armidale. Only Allah knows how hard I pray for her well-being. Kerol on the other hand, loves to shower me with his mushy, lovey words. Halim with his funny comments in the facebook which never fail to bring laughter to the household.

The greatest happiness of all is when my children reminded me of my duties.

'I'm proud of you and Ayah. May Allah gives you pahala for every kilometers that you travelled!'
She texted me when we were on our way to Alor Setar from KB. May Allah bless En suami, Dijah, Halim,Aman, Kerol and Aa.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is the picture of my first granddaughter, Amani Humaira bt Abdul Halim. I haven't met her in person yet as en suami and I are busy with our work. We call her Humaira. At the moment she's staying with her maternal grandparents in Kota Bharu. I know she's in safe hands and I'm sure they are looking after her well. We plan to visit them during the festive season this weekend.

Since she is our first grandchild, and also the first niece to a vogue aunt and 3 admiring uncles, we couldn't help it but felt excited with her birth. Eventhough we can't hug, cuddle and kiss her, we can keep track of her progress when her father uploaded her photos and tag us in the facebook. We pray that she'll grow up to be a fine, obedient,solehah young woman just like her adorable aunty Dijah!