Sunday, April 24, 2011

Masak Lodeh

Bahan-bahan ( 4 orang )

Bahan yg dikisar halus * :-
*5 tangkai cili kering - Opah guna cili besar merah tumbuk dgn belacan sikit.
*1/2 biji bawang besar
*1 ulas bawang putih
sedikit kunyit serbuk
*1 sudu udang kering
*1 sudu ikan bilis

*1 sk jintan kasar - digoreng tanpa minyak
1 batang serai - dititik

1/4 jari lengkuas - diketuk
100 g udang hidup yg dikupas kulit
Bahan sayur di potong kecil ikut cara masing2 :-
1/4 biji kobis
4 batang kacang panjang
1 batang lobak merah

1 biji terung panjang
1 keping tahu kering (fucok)- rendam

2 keping tauhu - di potong kecil dan goreng
2 keping tempe - dipotong dan digoreng
1 ikat su'un - direndam
lada merah dan hijau - dipotong serong
1 ltr santan pekat dan cair - drpd 1 biji kelapa
air secukupnya
garam secukup rasa
2 sudu besar minyak utk menumis


1. Panaskan minyak dlm periuk dan tumis bahan2 kisar dan serai hingga wangi.Masukkan udang dan tumis lagi dan masukkan santan,lengkuas dan masak hingga mendidih.
2. Masukkan sayur2an bermula dgn yg keras dulu dan tambah air secukupnya hingga sayur tenggelam. Bubuh garam secukup rasa dan masak lagi hingga mendidih dan sayur lembut.Masukkan soun, tempe dan tauhu.
Hidang sayur lodeh dgn lontong,ketupat atau nasi himpit dan juga sambal tumis dan serunding. Atau makan dengan nasi.

Monday, April 11, 2011


There are so many things I want in life. Am I selfish? Greedy perhaps? Fortunately, I kept the wishes to myself.

In the early hours of the morning, the moment I woke up from sleep, silently I made the request.
When it rained heavily, I stopped doing my chores and contemplate on my many wishes.
On Fridays, after sending Azhar off to the mosque, I spend my free time asking for favours.

I should be grateful with everything I have. Thankful and grateful.I'm thankful that I can make a difference to a little boy's life.
I'm thankful that I am around to look after my parents.
I'm grateful to Allah for giving me the most loving and understanding husband..
I'm grateful for the amazing children, lovely friends, and everything!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Routine

Salam. Staying at mum's house is a bliss. Actually, I am in a state of denial. There are loads of things to do. By staying at mum's place , I have reasons to dilly-dallying.

Next Friday, my colleagues and I are off to Pulau Pangkor for a short course.To be followed by Mum's hospital appointment. There are also loads of work to do in school ; PTA meeting is just round the corner, lessons to be completed, books to be marked and students' test results to be analysed.

Personally, I have started on a healthier diet ; lots of vegetables and fruit and try to cut on rice.Azhar accompanies me to the park for brisk walks and I hope I'll be able to do it every day.

Spiritually, I read al-Waqiah as well as 5 pages of al-Quran everyday , fast every Mondays, recite al-maathurat every morning and due to time constraint I haven't been able to offer dhuha prayers as much as I hope to.

Still struggling to be a better person, insyaallah.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Khairul called just now. He's sitting for his exams soon and he's bought the ticket to fly home this coming June.
"Don't you worry about me. I'm fit and healthy. I studied hard for the exams and all my friends are good to me" he assured me time and again.

My children are always in my thoughts.They are an amazing lot so I shouldn't worry much about them. They are thoughtful, generous, kind, friendly ; the type of people that will draw them many friends.

But a mother's main concern is their children. Eventhough, they are thousands of miles away from me, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Do they eat proper food?
How do they cope with the studies and everyday life?
How do they manage financially?
Do they behave well ?

Khairul sums it up nicely. "Mak sempoi. You trust us, and your only wish is to be able to follow our progress closely."

So, thank you very much to Cik Tutor who calls and SMS's almost everyday to update on her well-being, Aman who skypes almost every night and kerol whose blog really cheers me up. En doktor is a bit busy nowadays caring for his expectant wife. He calls occasionally, so no hard feelings! Just take good care of Cik Hanim and make sure she eats nutrituous food and has enough rest.

Physically, we are far apart.But, remember, you are all close in my heart. If you need someone to talk to, I will always be there. Muahs!

Morning Talk

Salam. While driving to the market this morning, I heard a motivational talk in the radio. An audience asked about a problem concerning her sister. Her sister(graduated from Dublin),now a houseman in a local hospital felt that she was being bullied by the medical officers. She was unhappy and decided to quit.

I would like to share what the speaker, an opthalmologist with 25 years experience, told the audience.
1. Whenever you feel down, you must always remember you are the BEST to have reached this far in life.You cannot afford to waste years of your life just because someone treated you badly in your 1 year of service.

2. Those medical officers who like to bully people around, are the ungrateful lot. As a medical specialist who have taught hundreds of doctors, she mentioned that she is not happy if these doctors turn out to be arrogant and selfish.

3. Appreciate people that you meet. Think good of other people and always treat people kindly. To do so you must have a good relationship with Allah.

That's all. Actually there are lots more. Thank you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


These couple of weeks Azhar and I spent the nights at my parent's house in Tambun. Yesterday, my third sister, Zie from Sungai Petani came home to look after mum. So, here I am, updating my blog after a long silence.

Mum was wrongly diagnosed by the doctors. The GP at the clinic told her, she only had gastritis. When we admitted her for 2 days at KPJ hospital and after a few tests were done, she was given gastric medicine and discharged. She was better for a few days and then the pain got worse, and we brought her to the emergency unit at Ipoh general hospital (HRPB). She was dehydrated and after a night at the temporary ward, she was discharged.

When she was not better, en doktor suggested that we go to HRPB again. To our relief, the doctor found the source of the problem. She had an operation two weeks ago and is recovering at home now.

I am glad that all my sisters except for Ros who lived in Durban SA, took turns in looking after my mum during the weekends. On weekdays, Azhar and ayah help me to make mum comfortable and prepare her favourite food.

So many things happened in this short span of time. Aman flew to Egypt to resume his study, mum had an operation and an uncertain event that kept us guessing. It makes me turn to Allah forever more, hoping for His blessings and guidance. I hope everything will be fine, soon, InsyaAllah.