Thursday, October 31, 2013

A trip to Remember

A ten-hour trip to Armidale. Mission accomplished!

At last we made it. Dijah's father, my son Halim,  Fatma , my two little grandchildren and I managed to attend Dijah's graduation ceremony last week. It was indeed a memorable experience .... Humaira was recovering from chicken pox, Dijah misplaced her passport, a few detours due to bushfires in NSW and  reaching  Armidale almost midnight!

The moment we reached Armidale Motel, we were so thankful to Dijah for booking the place. It was comfortable and we slept soundly till morning. Armidale is a beautiful, tranquil city. No wonder Dijah loves the place so much. We enjoyed our  meetings with her supervisors and technical officers at the university. They were just awesome!

To my lovely daughter, I know it will be difficult for you to adjust to our typical Malaysian environment. InsyaAllah. we'll pray  the best for you!