Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Allah loves us

Alhamdulillah, just finished packing. The house is a little bit in order; rubbish out, laundry done, dishes put away in the cabinet. I hope the trip will be a smooth one and  my concern  is attaining Allah's pleasure in whatever deeds I am doing. My mum and Dijah will accompany me. Or is it the other way round. It was cik tutor's plan all along. She 's been trying hard to make the trip since last year. Then she met this lovely lady who organised holiday and umrah packages.She joined in and  I volunteered myself to accompany her . Out of respect we mentioned it to my mum. Of course mum was so glad that we asked. Fortunately, it coincides with Kerol's semester break, so he'll joined us a day after our arrival in Madinah, insyaAllah.

I know we have to devote ourselves entirely to Allah. A month earlier Cik tutor's purse was stolen. I was in Putra Hotel waiting for my sister after a one day meeting there. In between tears she called and told me about the incident.
I asked her to make a police report, block the credit cards , and be patient with the mishap.

Two weeks later my handbag was stolen. Luckily there wasn't much cash but I took one whole day to renew my ic, driver's licence, atm cards and doctor's appointment card  with the help of en suami who happened to be home at that time. I asked cik tutor to be patient and now I have to eat my own words!

En suami told me; when the sahabahs migrated to Madinah from Mekah, they left every worldly things behind; their businesses, dwellings, farms  and even loved ones. So what the people took from us is incomparable to the sacrifices made by the sahabahs. In fact, when people heard about cik tutor's fate, they purposely came to see her and made du'a for her.  Alhamdulillah, lesson learnt! May Allah grant us His blessings.

Lastly, I hope all my friends and the people who stop by to read my blog will forgive me for any mistakes I have done or any harsh words I've written in my blog. Let's pray for Allah's pleasure.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just coming back from a short course at INTIM.  My days are hectic nowadays. I wonder whether age is catching up with me. There are so many things to be done although I am alone most of the time.  Azhar enrolled in SBPI Gopeng last March so I often sleep at my parents' house, and leave their house shortly after Subuh  for work. Around 2 o'clock I'll be at home, feeding the cats and doing the laundry.

I know, I can be more productive. I love cooking but I'm hopeless in keeping my house in order. I'm glad Cik tutor and Azhar are at home now. If only I can hide the laptops somewhere......