Sunday, July 1, 2012


Two days of brain storming in Klang .
 What do we want? How to get it ? Did you get it?

Life in this world is not eternal. Earlier in life we spent our life studying, then get good fulfilling job, got married, have children and the cycle goes on. How nice if all of us especially muslims can add another dimension to what we normally do.

As we seek knowledge, we should also share the knowledge that we have to others. Then it becomes 'good deeds' as more people benefit the knowledge that we've passed on. Teaching 1,2,3 to toddlers ,  seems trivial but imagine the reward  if the toddler grows up to be a great economist.

Before we set off to work,  make sure our intention is solely for the sake of Allah and make do'a  so that Allah ease our dealings for the day.

If you plan to get married, make sure that it is solely to seek the pleasure of Allah and both you and your partner will be obedient servants of Allah. Your goal is to be together even in Jannah.

Strive to make sure your children will be better than you; teach them to be good obedient children, have impeccable manners, be active muslim da'i, love going to the mosque and generous to others.The more they spend in the path of Allah, the more rewards will be bestowed.

There's still time insyaAllah. Strive to be the BEST to get the BEST!