Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forgive and Forget..

 A picture speaks a thousand words. To the onlookers, this might be a gathering of a happy family. Beautiful, contented, well-behave, loving, caring, well-fed and etc, etc.
Actually the photo was taken about 6 years ago during the month of Ramadan. That's the reason why there weren't many people at the park, Padang Polo to be exact. Shortly after we took this photo we went to the bazaar ramadan in Rapat Setia to buy some food for breaking fast. Halim was studying medicine in Makassar and he was having his holidays then. Aman was due to fly to Egypt during the weekend. En suami was posted to Labuan. So, there were mixed feelings. What I remember most was the sadness and the pain that we as a family felt for Dijah then. A day earlier, her ex-fiance broke their engagement through SMS! Thinking back,I am glad that we received the news calmly; no harsh words, no tears but Dijah's siblings provided great support in lifting up her spirits. We accepted it as Allah's will and together we moved on. Actually, when en suami took the photo, we were hungry, sad, anxious and  I was spending the nights crying my hearts out. No, no as I said earlier, I was NOT sad, but I was asking Allah to forgive me and my children for any wrong doings we have inflicted on other people. Although my children are the lights of my eyes and they are just awesome, they are still human and they do make mistakes....
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mudah lupa


I met all types of people. Some become my good  friends . Nice friendly people, talkative, pleasant, not so pleasant, helpful, selfish, jerks  and others. There are those who commit  mistakes and then cried their hearts out . Well people DO make mistakes! So move on and remember that Allah is The MOST merciful. Allah will accept your taubah if you truly repent.