Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Life is full of surprises. Life is full of trials and tribulations. Life is not a bed of roses. Roses are beautiful to look at, the fresh sweet aroma of roses never fails to enchant us BUT don't forget the thorns, that can cause us hurt and pain.

Sometimes things happen because Allah loves us dearly. And if we are obedient servants of Allah, with friends and family members who pray for you day and night, then don't despair. The experience will toughen you up and later we'll realise that there is a blessing in disguise to the incident.

Meanwhile, walk with your head held high. Be proud that we are practising Muslims!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


They didn't really care, that's why I survive!

Studying in boarding school was a great privilege to most of us when we were in our teens. Food was fantastic and our daily activity was studying. My sister and I studied in the same boarding school in Kelantan while our family moved back to Ipoh. Every school holidays, we took the long train journey to Ipoh. Mind you, we weren't treated like princesses once we reached home. We still had to wake up very early in the morning, hand washed all the clothes and prepared meals for the family. Our rest was the occasional afternoon naps and watching television before bedtime.

We were required to study hard and ayah would buy any reference books that the school suggested. Mum would cook abundant food to be brought to the hostel. That's the end of the caring relationship. If we were homesick, or had problems with our friends , we have to cope by ourselves,sometimes crying our hearts out in the middle of the nights. No phone calls or even snail mails.

But we survived! Sometimes we wondered, what would become of us if they were a bit more caring. Passing on their wisdom to their teenage daughters in the time of need. How nice if they could make the trip and visit us in the school or the least they could do was gave us a big, bear hug when we reached home. None whatsoever and it left a vacuum in my heart.

There were times when we took turns telling them our stories.... but it fell on deaf ears. That was life!

Without their guiding lights, we moved on and persevered. By experience, we knew that people hate us if we were bossy and arrogant. We lose friends if we don't watch out our mouth and utter hurtful remarks. The more cheerful we are, the more friends we'll have. We needed our friends so we behaved well during our entire stay in the school !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It was time for zuhur prayer this afternoon and I got ready to join the students for the congregational prayer in the surau. I entered the washroom and there they were ; cute little girls patiently waiting for their turn to take wudhu'. So young, innocent and naive. They were chattering away and once they were ready, they left the washroom in twos or threes.

Once I got home, I searched for cik tutor's photo taken when she was in Year 1 back in 1989. If I'm not mistaken, the students were getting ready for a day trip organised by the school.

I wish that all the girls will be blessed with glorious future!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my 53rd birthday. Time flies very fast and I try to cherish the day as it comes. No more moping and crying for the past. I will live for today, making sure I start the day by reciting the du'a,reading the holy book and living life to the fullest.

'Hajar! You are so serious. Relax and cheer up a bit. It looks as if you've given up hope on life. Relax... just follow the flow. Things will be fine, I know it will. Have faith'

After thirty years, I haven't change much. I am serious and emotional. I am hopeless in facing problem. Added to that, I dislike discussing my problems with my friends however trustworthy they are. I don't feel like it. Luckily, en suami is a wise man. Only recently,I learn the art of discussing the problem so that at the end of it, it won't create another problem!

This is how I do it. First make sure everyone is happy and contented. If one of you is driving, make sure that there is no traffic jam to cause the outburst of temper. Then, you can start telling your problem in a relax manner. If you are sad and upset, you can shed your tears but do not overdo it. Then wait for the response. Even if the problem is not solved, you will feel better to get it out of your system.

Making assumption is the evil of life. When Kerol decided to make the trip to Armidale, we only booked the return flight tickets. Kerol was stranded at the airport for the day because the train ticket was sold out! To avoid making assumption, do some research and ask around .

Life is always beautiful but short.Be adventurous and live life to the fullest. If ever you face the shortcomings of life, don't despair. Analyse the situation and don't ever take matters in your own hand. Consult the wise man and always look at the bright side of life. You may take a trip and visit friends to lift your spirits up. It is advisable not to expect life to be bed of roses. But if one day, unexpectedly, you were SLEEPING on the bed of roses, then say your praises to Allah and after that please stop complaining!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Kerol is in Armidale, visiting his sister, Cik tutor. He took MAS flight from KLIA to Sydney and off to Armidale by bus.
'How's the weather in Sydney?' I asked.
'Nice,it's cool and refreshing just like being in your room with the air-condition on!'

He is impressed with Armidale. 'I won't mind being the only Malaysian here!The scenery is beautiful.'

Everybody at home misses Cik tutor very much and she misses us too. But we couldn't make the trip just yet because of school and the plane tickets were quite expensive during the holiday season. Instead, we ask kerol to visit her. I really hope she is happy with kerol's company and spend the time well. Kerol brought along packets of malaysian curry powder, instant noodles and small gifts for cik tutor's closest friends. When Kerol's trip is over in a week, and cik tutor's work is almost done, I hope she would take the pleasure of visiting friends in Melbourne or any other cities in the country. I hope that will ease her homesickness and gives her the motivation to finish off her studies.

At home, my mum is recovering well and so does my father, who's had an eye operation about a month ago.
Tomorrow school reopens for the new term. I'll be busy as a bee.