Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Of course, I'd be happy to visit armidale. How I wish I were a self-centered mother who only think about her own children and shun others'! Unfortunately, I am not like that. InsyaAllah, financially we are alright. Time is very precious at the moment and I have to make sure that my students are well-prepared for their coming exams. I strongly believe that if we take care of other people's children then Allah will take care of mine, whereever they are. I really hope that everything is fine. Forget Jay laaa. He is so famous now that he hardly had time to call, hahahaha. He is not the only KUMBANG around!

Be happy and take care of yourself really well. Cook and eat nutritious food. Make sure fruits and vegetables are included in the diet. Exercise. Get together with your girlfriends and plan some activities. I am sure you'll be ready to face all the hard work if you are healthy and happy.

Ramadhan is just round the corner. Make sure you read the Quran every day and try to khatam in the holy month.

It would be nice if we could visit you in Armidale. Nantila mak bincang dengan ayah. Till then, take care.

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